Seneca Niagara Casino Thanksgiving Buffet – A Great Vacation for All Ages

The Seneca Niagara Casino thanksgiving buffet is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving. One of the biggest holiday traditions in the United States is eating out at restaurants on this day, so it is important to have something special for the guests of all ages. You can plan your event to be such that the food and drink are available until midnight, which is a perfect time to welcome in the holiday spirit with food and drinks.

seneca niagara casino thanksgiving buffet

When you go to the Seneca Niagara Casino thanksgiving buffet, you will have plenty of seating and food to eat. If you plan to send your kids with the family, the buffet will give them the opportunity to choose their food and drink choices. Families with children will enjoy the kids’ menu, as they give up their plates to the adults.

The buffet features items such as the classics like turkey with cranberry sauce, roast beef, and potatoes, but you also have a variety of special holiday items. You will find spiced turkey breast, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin spice apple crumble, cranberry cake, mashed potatoes, apple cornbread stuffing, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin bread pudding for dessert.

For your main meal, there are items like the main course of the autumn salad. This dish includes sweet corn, apples, almonds, and balsamic dressing. It can be made even more exciting by including cranberries and bacon and cheddar cheese.

The roasted vegetables make a great side to any main dish. A popular choice is the grilled asparagus with roasted vegetables and braised beef. For dinner, the buffet will feature items such as grilled meats, soups, and stews.

Yam has become popular in the United States because of its unique flavor. If you have not had it before, try the Yakima Valley version of yam called elote. It is delicious and full of vegetables.

If you are in the holiday season, you will want to start your table with appetizers. The buffet will have a variety of items to choose from such as shrimp and lobster roll with jalapeno cream sauce and goat cheese, fried cauliflower and mango salsa, pumpkin bread pudding, spinach and cheese croquettes, and chocolate bread pudding. All of these items are just what you would find at any typical American Thanksgiving dinner.

For the main course, the buffet has items such as braised lamb chops with mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, truffle toasts, green beans, and baked ham hocks. You can try the pulled pork and southwestern barbeque taco to end your meal. They are cooked with cheddar and barbecue sauce.

For dessert, the buffet dinner will feature items such as cream of carrot soup, cream of romano, fruit crisp, and cherry pie. You can also serve the buffet with apple cake and pumpkin pie for dessert. Even if you decide to go the dessert route, you will have plenty of foods for dessert on your holiday table.

One of the best things about the buffet is that you can customize the order of your food. There are plenty of options to include at the buffet. You can start with the entrée of the day and then move on to the main dishes and desserts in the buffet.

So whether you are at the casino with your family or just have friends over, the Seneca Niagara Casino thanksgiving buffet is a must for anyone who attends. Just remember to have plenty of food for everyone. This holiday season, you need to remember that no one is ever too old for dinner and a little bit of feasting.

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